Ships on: June 19, 2024

1-1 Your Wonderful Sweet, Sweet Love

1-2 The Wisdom Of Time

1-3 Green Grow The Lilacs

1-4 So In Love

1-5 Green Grow The Lilacs

1-6 What Is Black

1-7 I Can Take It All

1-8 What Is Black

1-9 Ben

1-10 You Can Cry On My Shoulder

1-11 That's How Love Goes

1-12 I Lost My Love In The Big City

1-13 Duck You Sucker

1-14 It Happened On A Sunday Morning

1-15 (It's The Way) Nature Planned It

1-16 I'll Never Change

1-17 Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love

1-18 Broken Road

1-19 The Night

1-20 Sun Country

1-21 Daddy Could Swear, I Declare

1-22 Can't Give It Up No More


2-1 Keep On Running

2-2 Evil

2-3 The Morning After

2-4 Spend Some Time Together

2-5 Just Not Gonna Make It

2-6 Walk On Don't Look Back

2-7 Who Is The Leader Of The People

2-8 Don't Tell Me I'm Crazy

2-9 Who Is The Leader Of The People

2-10 Gospel Truth

2-11 Running Like A Rabbit

2-12 If You Let Me

2-13 Just Memories

2-14 I Guess I'll Miss The Man

2-15 Over And Over

2-16 The Good Things (Where Was I When Love Came By)

2-17 Me And My Brother

2-18 The Good Things (Where Was I When Love Came By)

2-19 I Love Every Little Thing About You

2-20 Black Maybe


3-1 Papa Was A Rollin' Stone

3-2 Papa Was A Rolling Stone

3-3 Corner Of The Sky

3-4 To Know

3-5 Good Time Sally

3-6 Love Shines Down

3-7 Genius

3-8 Silly Wasn't I

3-9 I Believe I'm Gonna Take This Ride

3-10 What If

3-11 There Is A God

3-12 Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing (Don't Say No)

3-13 Girl You're Alright

3-14 With A Little Help From My Friends

3-15 Girl You're Alright

3-16 She Said That

3-17 The Road I Walk

3-18 Spanish Harlem

3-19 Papa Hooper's Barrelhouse Groove


4-1 Superstition

4-2 You've Got It Bad Girl

4-3 You've Got My Mind

4-4 Try It, You'll Like It

4-5 Songwriter

4-6 Fiddler

4-7 Average People

4-8 Something In Her Love

4-9 Since I Met You There's No Magic

4-10 The Circle Again

4-11 Come Get This Thang

4-12 My Woman

4-13 Daddy's Home

4-14 Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)

4-15 I Can't Stand To See You Cry

4-16 With Your Love Came

4-17 I Can't Stand To See You Cry

4-18 Happy


5-1 Trouble Man

5-2 Don't Mess With Mr. T

5-3 Robot Man

5-4 I'll Be Here 5-5 Long Life And Success To The Farmer

5-6 Half Crazed

5-7 Take It Out On Me 5-8 It's The Same Old Love

5-9 Love Ain't Love (Till You Give It To Somebody)

5-10 Oops, It Just Slipped Out

5-11 We're Gonna Have A Good Time

5-12 Would You Like To Come Along

5-13 Ballad Of The Unloved

5-14 Tale Of Two Cities

5-15 It's Not The Last Time

5-16 On With The Show

5-17 Good Morning Heartache

5-18 God Bless The Child

5-19 I Want To Come Home For Christmas

5-20 Christmas In The City

5-21 Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)